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Crazy Products is a specialized demonstration company geared to show the use of its range of products direct to the customer. This gives the buyer the opportunity to purchase them at special or discounted prizes.

The forum for this is usually in Shopping malls, Shows and Markets using the "infomercial" style of promotion. Most of the range of our products appear on our website and may be purchased online, or conversely, a calendar of up and coming live demonstrations is also shown, enabling you to see first hand the use of the desired product you wish to purchase.

For any information over and above what we have available on our website you may like to visit the FAQs segment on each of the products or email us directly. | email  | Mobile 0064 27 510 4850
Phone .0064 7 847 4362 | Fax 0064 7 847 4363  |  J.T. Enterprises Ltd / Crazyproducts, P.O. Box 15 239, Dinsdale, Hamilton.