Magic Pens       $25.00

The magic pens sets have two types of pens in each box. Nine pens have the ability to change in colour and a further nine can have the colour erased, both by using the two colour changing pens that are also included in each carton. This set of pens is of the highest quality with vibrant colours that last for ages and are suitable for both children and adults alike.

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BLOPens       $30.00

The Blopen is a unique product that is the world's cheapest airbrush. This package comes with a set of twenty pens and stencils included. They are easy to use and loads of fun for the beginner or the avid artist. Just aim and blow, and you can create the pictures of your dreams. This set has twenty different colours and also available are eight inks that are specially formulated so you can erase them with ease. Easy to use instructions are included with each pack.

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Blopens fabric       $25.00

The fabric or textile Blopens come in 2 different packages. The standard pack which has 5 standard colours and the Textile neon package which also has 5 colours but all are fluorescent in colour. These packs have a selection of stencils contained in each carton. The ink is specifically designed to be used on fabrics, and in particular tee shirts. You can make your own designs and heat set them with a domestic iron to make the design permanent on your clothes. Great for personal gifts, craft shows and all kinds of things.

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Refill Ink       $32.00
The refill ink is a specially formulated ink that, with the addition of an eraser pen, can be removed very easily. It is available in 30ml and 50ml bottles. If it is the first time that you are refilling the pens you may wish to purchase a refill pack which contains the erasable ink (8 xs colours) new nibs and fibre ink cartridges to replace those that come within the blopens. This is not entirely necessary, but if for instance you wish to change an empty fabric pen to a standard blopen or replace a damaged nib, with these spare parts this now becomes possible. All refill packs come with easy to use instructions and allows you to keep your blopens for life. You will never need to throw them away.

The refill pack comes with easy to use instructions and 8 cartridges, nibs and 30ml erasable ink bottles, at a cost of $ 32.00c. Refill ink is available in 30ml bottles at a cost of $ 5.95c per colour (approx 30 refills) or 50ml bottles at a cost of$ 7.95c (approx 50 refills). The eraser fluid is available in 50ml bottles only, at a cost of $8.95c. All prices include G.S.T. and where applicable additional charges will be made for packing and postage.

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Magic Pen - Colour Changer       $2.00
The white pen contains a colourless fluid that has the ability to both change the magic pen colours or to erase dependant on which surface they are applied to. The replacement pens are at present available at a cost of
$ 2.00c

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