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Julienne Strip Slicers and flat slicers       $10.00

There are four products in this range, that are ideally suited for the home or commercial kitchen alike. The key points of interest with regards to these slicers are the ease of use and cleaning, and the small amount of storage room they require.

There are two julienne strip slicers available in the range at present. The fine and the coarse . The fine produces a light straw like strip from each slice which is fabulous for the salads. The coarse slicer produces a heavier strip which is good for those of us who like soups and the more substantial salads or stirfry. Fantastic for cheeses. Then there are two flat slicers which will give you either a 2mm or a 4mm slice, suitable for economy or taste.
All are so easy to, not only clean, but also store flat in the draw. Made of high quality, indestructable ABS plastic with stainless steel cutting blades, and a very visable colour for ease of location. They are designed to be used with the easy to use safety finger guard as our products are extremely sharp. (you wouldnt want to buy them if they weren't would you.
Gadgets are appliances that take forever to assemble and even longer to take apart and clean. Tools are used by tradespersons to get a job done in the quickest time with the least amount of effort and fuss.

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Dinki-di peeler (extra large)       $15.00
The large Dinki-di peeler is an enlarged version of the standard one with the added advantage of having a wider blade to enable you, the customer, to peel those large potatoes and oversized pieces of pumkin, and slice those huge onions for onion rings on the barbee or that telegraph cucumber for the salad. They are available in a sturdy stainless steel handle with surgical stainless steel blade or the lighter indestructable polycarbnonate handle with matching blade for $12.00c. Beware of those cheap imitations that are creeping into the market and ask for the guaranteed Dinki-di peeler.

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Dinky-di peeler (standard)       $10.00

This peeler is a familiar shaped product to one that you are all accustomed to with a special twist. It has a serrated blade that can cut in both directions. For half the effort you can gain twice the result. By a quick flick of the wrist you can turn it into a creditable slicer. Peeling and slicing of all vegetables is now a breeze, and even that hard to do pumkin has turned a chore into an effortless task.
This model is available in two designs. The sturdy stainless steel handle with surgical blade, and the polycarbonate handle with the same high quality blade. Beware of those cheap imitations that are infiltrating the market place and always ask for the Dinki-di peeler.

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Finger Guard       $15.00
This finger guard has been produced to prevent the unnecessary damage caused to your hands when grating or slicing fruits and vegetables. It is specifically designed to hold most types of vegetables and when used with the other crazy product graters and slicers, produce the quality of cut, with a minimal amount of waste.

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Crazy Crystals       $6.50

Grow your own crystals!
Available in 10 colours:
clear, gold, orange, rose, ruby red, cherry red, apple green, emerald, blue, purple
1 bag (5g) costs $6.50
buy 5 bags - pay only $25,
buy 10 bags - pay only $40

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Super Chamois       $20.00

Super absorbant cloth.

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Speed Cleaner Show pack       $60.00

This product both cleans and drys the window at the same time hence the name speed cleaner. There are two sizes available, the standard and the professional. They come complete as the package shown with the speedcleaner, water reservoir, cleaning fluid, spare screed rubber and foam sponge and of course the speedcleaner guarantee.
The professional model is $60.00c
The standard model is $50.00c

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Non Stick Liners       $15.00
Non Stick and fat free cooking is now easily accessible to everyone. With the use of one of our silver bake products you can rejuvenate that old frypan or roast dish, have scones and biscuits slide with ease from the baking tray and cook not only the chicken, steaks and chops on the Barbie but also the bacon with runny eggs for breakfast without breaking them or the pancakes or pikelets for the kids.
How do you clean the silverbake? Just wipe it after every use with a tissue, or in warm soapy water.
Email us for the price list

The range of non stick liners available include:
BBQ Baking tray liners in std grade and H/Duty ($25-$30.00c) Round and square frypan liners ($20-$25.00c)
Roasting dish liners ($25.00c) Muffin tray liners (12)/pack ($15.00c )
Multipacks are available with 2 or more products in the one pack. Call for more information

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Magical Non-Stick cooking liners       $15.00
Brown and Black cooking liners that can be used in Roasting dishes, round and square frypans, muffin and baking trays. We also have standard grade and Heavy duty non-stick surface for the Barbeque. Now there are no excuses for not cleaning the Barbie after cooking. Just use a paper towell. Prices range from $15.00c through to $30.00c. Ask about our specials when puchasing 2 or more!

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Euro-Mop Commercial Mop       $60.00
Super absorbent sponge,
Top quality stainless steel handle and lever.

Mop only $60.00

Replacement sponge available at $20.00

Special Combo deal $70.00 includes Mop and bonus extra sponge & hand mop. Ideal for shower cleaning.

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Euro-Mop Domestic Mop       $50.00

Super absorbent sponge.
Aluminium telescopic handle

Mop only $50.00
Bucket only $12.00
Replacement sponge available $20.00

Special Combo deal $60.00 includes Mop and bonus extra sponge & hand mop. Ideal for shower cleaning.

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