Craft and Market products
Products sold at craft shows and markets

Stencil Set - Wildlife       $3.50

4 x Stencil Set - Wildlife

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Stencil Set - Sport and Technology       $6.00

8 x Stencil Set - Sport and Technology

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Stencil Set - Waterworld       $3.50

4 x Stencil Set - Waterworld

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Stencil Set - Space Adventure       $3.50

4 x Stencil Set - Space Adventure

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Stencil Set - Basic Shapes       $10.00

8 x Stencil Set - Basic Shapes as shown on front of pack

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Helmet       $100.00

brown and black, vinyl leather (Does not comply with NZ road safety standards )

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Helmet       $70.00

This is a vinyl / fibreglass helmet (does not comply to NZ road safety standards) and comes complete with eye glasses

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Motorcycle       $20.00

Wooden motorcycle of Harley Davidson design. Available in dark or light colour and 3 sizes. Imported hand made item. Great as a gift for the diserning collector or just for the lad as an ornament.

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Window Colours       $39.95

This product comes in a bottle as a liquid. Once the fluid has been used and is dry it is like plastic and will stick to and can be removed from most gloss surfaces, like glass, ceramic and tiles. Great for renewable Leadlight windows and cartoon pictures for the children. Can be purchased as a starter pack or as individual bottles.

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Window Colour bottles       $8.90
Colours available: Crystal clear, Snow white, Pastel white, Frost, Golden yellow, Sun Yellow, Coral, Poppy red, Magenta, Cherry red, Blue diamond, Royal blue, Violet, May green, Olive green, Fawn brown, Black, Light brown, Orange, Dark grey, Flesh tint, Radiant white, Pink, Mouse grey, Gold.
Outliners opaque: Lead coloured, Gold, Silver, Black.
Outliners transparent: Colourless, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow.
Outliners Glitter: Glitter silver and gold.
W/Colour with glitter effect: Glitter green, red, Violet, Gold, Silver, Diamond blue, Orchid.
Glow in the Dark: Yellow, Orange, Blue, Outliner yellow.
Thinning fluid: 42749 fluid.
Std colours: $8.90c Outliners and glow in the dark: $9.90c ( All bottles contents 80ml)

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